Cia Lazio: Parole di apprezzamento da Righini, ma necessario un Patto di Filiera

Italo Pulcini, vice president of Cia Lazio, has welcomed the recent statements made by regional councilor Giancarlo Righini regarding a campaign to promote the use of fresh milk in Lazio, incentives for the energy sector, and a dialogue with stakeholders. Pulcini emphasizes the importance of a supply chain agreement that involves production, processing, and commercialization to ensure fair remuneration for all segments. He calls for an immediate roundtable discussion involving representatives from each sector in the region. Pulcini believes that a supply chain agreement is crucial to address the needs of producers, processing companies, and retailers, while also considering product quality and consumer satisfaction. The article concludes by asking readers to support their work with a donation through PayPal.

Cia Lazio: “Bene parole Righini ma serve Patto di Filiera”

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