Ragazza di 13 anni muore: mistero sulla guida della Golf in leasing. Punti da indagare e risolvere.

Gaia Menga, a 13-year-old girl, died in a car accident. She was thrown out of the car in which her mother and a friend were traveling and died immediately after arriving at the emergency room of Sant’Eugenio Hospital. A life cut short at just 13 years old. However, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding this tragic accident. Who was driving the car in which Gaia died? Who had leased the Golf that overturned at the roundabout on Via Gutenberg? Was the victim thrown out of the car because she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt? Why were the streetlights off where the car overturned? Despite reconstructing the dynamics of the accident, there are still many aspects that investigators are trying to find answers to. The only certainty is that a young girl died in a car accident.

Who was driving the car

The investigation by the X Mare group of the local police has resulted in conflicting accounts from the victim’s mother and her friend who was in the car with them. The mother accuses the friend of being the one driving at the time of the accident, while the friend claims not to remember who was behind the wheel. The investigation, a complex and delicate one, has led the Rome prosecutor’s office to open a file and name the 34-year-old mother and the 37-year-old friend as suspects in the charges of “vehicular manslaughter.”

The hypothesis of high speed

One of the theories being considered by investigators is that the accident was caused by high speed, coupled with slippery roads due to bad weather. The Golf in which the three were traveling overturned three times after hitting a section of sidewalk before the roundabout in the Selvotta-Trigoria area while heading towards the capital. The three women had dinner together in Anzio and were returning to Rome. Gaia Menga was ejected from the vehicle, as were the two women, making it difficult for the emergency personnel and police officers present to immediately determine who was driving. The situation was chaotic, and there were even reports of the medical personnel being assaulted.

Alcohol and drug tests

Gaia Menga died immediately after arriving at the emergency room of Sant’Eugenio Hospital, while both her mother and her friend were injured and rushed to Sant’Eugenio and Campus Biomedico Hospitals, respectively, in critical condition but not in life-threatening situations. The investigation is complicated by the lack of witnesses and surveillance cameras that might have recorded the accident. The psychological and physical state of the 34-year-old mother and her friend is also an important aspect under scrutiny. Both have undergone routine alcohol and drug tests, but the results have not yet been disclosed. One of the women tested negative for alcohol, while the other had a blood alcohol level slightly above the legal limit, although the test was conducted several hours after the accident and may not be entirely reliable.

The leased Golf

The prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation, and the X Mare group is working to reconstruct the exact sequence of events and determine any responsibility of the two women who were in the leased Volkswagen Golf. The answers may come from the vehicle itself, which was leased long-term, and the person or entity it was leased from. At the time of the accident, the owner of the dealership was out of town and could not be questioned immediately.

The unanswered questions about the accident

As is customary in these cases, the car has been seized, and Gaia Menga’s body has been taken to Tor Vergata Hospital for an autopsy. There are still many unanswered questions that investigators are working on. The only certainty is the tragic loss of a young life at just 13 years old. Gaia Menga is the 166th victim of traffic accidents in Rome and the surrounding area in 2023, adding to the increasing number of casualties that is beginning to resemble a war bulletin.

Prosecutor’s investigations

The prosecutor’s investigation, which has ordered an autopsy, aims to determine the speed at which the car was traveling and who was driving at the time of the accident. Both women tested negative for drugs. Regarding the alcohol test, one of the women tested negative, while the other had a result slightly above the legal limit. If it is determined that she was the driver, she may face an administrative fine. The investigations, coordinated by the Rome prosecutor’s office, have been delegated to the Rome Capital Police.

Dark roundabout for months

This accident, like others in the area, has reignited the debate about the safety of roads in the south quadrant of Rome, as highlighted by Carla Canale, leader of the Raggi Civic List in the municipal district IX. “The latest road accident that occurred at the roundabout on Via Giovanni Gutenberg, on the Laurentina road, cannot be ignored by Mayor Gualtieri. It is a zone that has been completely without street lighting for months, despite repeated reports from citizens about its danger. Unfortunately, in this specific case, the rain further reduced visibility. The 13-year-old who died is the 166th victim in 2023. This is the second fatal accident in that stretch of road in a few days, following the one on November 3rd. In the municipality, we have voted on our motion for road safety and various interventions to make the most dangerous roads, such as Via di Vigna Murata, Via Acqua Acetosa Ostiense, and Via della Grande Muraglia, safer. However, despite months having passed, there is no sign of any road safety measures being implemented. The mayor and President Di Salvo should act not just in words but also in deeds. The safety of citizens depends not only on their behavior on the roads but also on the effective protection provided by those who govern the city.”

Gaia Menga morta a 13 anni: Il mistero (e la lite) su chi guidava la Golf in leasing. I punti da chiarire

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