Scoperti 2 casi di Dengue: disinfestazione a Aprilia.

Aprilia, a town in Italy, has reported two new cases of Dengue fever. The mayor has issued an urgent order to carry out an anti-mosquito fumigation in the affected areas. The disinfection operations will be conducted for three consecutive nights, starting from tonight. The local health authority has confirmed the presence of two cases of Dengue fever in residents who had recently traveled abroad. The municipality has taken preventive measures to protect public health and reduce the risk of virus transmission through mosquitoes. Disinfection will be carried out in public and private areas within a 200-meter radius of the patients’ homes. The fumigation will use larvicides and adulticides. Public events in the affected areas have been postponed until the disinfection operations are completed. The mayor has also listed precautions to be taken during the treatment, including staying indoors, closing windows and doors, and suspending the use of air conditioning. Additionally, people are advised to safeguard their pets and avoid leaving food, clothes, or irrigation systems outdoors. The municipality will provide updates through official channels.

Scoperti altri due casi di Dengue: programma di disinfestazione ad Aprilia

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