Sophie Codegoni e Alessandro Basciano in crisi: gelosia di Fabrizio Corona la fa rifiutare Pechino Express.

Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano, a couple known for their ongoing crisis, are trying to overcome their difficulties for the sake of their daughter Celine and their love. Despite rumors of a breakup, they appeared together on the red carpet in Venice. However, Fabrizio Corona revealed on his Telegram channel the real reasons behind their crisis. He disclosed that Sophie had gone to a famous bar in Milan alone, where Fabrizio is often seen. He also mentioned that Carolina Rossi, a collaborator of Fabrizio, was present at a nearby table with Mattia Santarelli, a Fabrizio look-alike. This news of Sophie dining with Fabrizio caused Alessandro to become furious and suspicious of their relationship. Alessandro constantly called Sophie and her mother, checked the stories on social media, and even had Carolina contacted by his manager to confirm the alleged betrayal. This incident led to a dramatic breakup, despite the fact that Sophie and Fabrizio had no real relationship. As a result, Sophie lost the opportunity to participate in the reality show Pechino Express due to Alessandro’s punishment. The accusations made by Fabrizio are quite serious, and the reason for Sophie’s withdrawal from the show seems to support his version. Sophie and Alessandro have yet to comment on the situation, leaving fans eagerly waiting for their side of the story.

Sophie Codegoni e Alessandro Basciano in crisi, Fabrizio Corona: «Lui geloso di me, l’ha costretta a riunciare a Pechino Express»

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